angular gyrus

angular gyrus
circunvoluciуn angular

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  • angular gyrus — n the cerebral gyrus of the posterior part of the external surface of the parietal lobe that arches over the posterior end of the sulcus between the superior and middle gyri of the temporal lobe called also angular convolution …   Medical dictionary

  • Angular gyrus — Infobox Brain Name = PAGENAME Latin = gyrus angularis GraySubject = GrayPage = Caption = Figure one illustrates significant language areas of the brain. Brodmann area 39 is highlighted in red. Caption2 = Drawing of a cast to illustrate the… …   Wikipedia

  • angular gyrus — noun see angular convolution * * * angular gyrus, a part of the left hemisphere of the brain, in which visual images of words are converted into their associated sounds …   Useful english dictionary

  • angular gyrus syndrome — a syndrome resulting from an infarction or other lesion of the angular gyrus on the dominant side; symptoms may include alexia or agraphia or may feature the symptoms of Gerstmann syndrome …   Medical dictionary

  • artery of angular gyrus — ramus gyri angularis arteriae cerebri mediae …   Medical dictionary

  • Gyrus — A gyrus (pl. gyri ) is a ridge on the cerebral cortex. It is generally surrounded by one or more sulci.Notable gyri* Fornicate gyrus * Superior frontal gyrus, lat . gyrus frontalis superior * Middle frontal gyrus, lat . gyrus frontalis medius *… …   Wikipedia

  • gyrus angularis — [TA] angular gyrus: a convolution of the inferior parietal lobule, arching over the posterior end of the superior temporal sulcus and continuous with the middle temporal gyrus …   Medical dictionary

  • gyrus temporalis medius — [TA] middle temporal gyrus: the convolution of the temporal lobe lying between the superior and the inferior temporal sulci; it is continuous posteriorly with the angular gyrus …   Medical dictionary

  • angular convolution — noun or angular gyrus : one of the convolutions of the posterior part of the external surface of the parietal lobe of the cerebrum …   Useful english dictionary

  • Angular bundle — In the brain, the angular bundle is a composite fiber tract within the ventrolateral aspect of the lateral ventricle s temporal horn. It contains the perforant path (the main input to the hippocampus, extending from the entorhinal cortex to… …   Wikipedia

  • gyrus — One of the prominent rounded elevations that form the cerebral hemispheres, each consisting of an exposed superficial portion and a portion hidden from view in the wall and floor of the sulcus. [L. fr. G. gyros, circle] angular g. [TA] a folded… …   Medical dictionary

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